Terms and Conditions


Should you have any queries regarding our services or quotations please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time by telephone or e-mail. Should you be unable to contact us in the first instance please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We will always do our utmost to provide a professional and friendly service.


We politely request that a sufficient amount of fuel is in your vehicle before we carry out pre MOT checks, transport your vehicle to an MOT testing garage/station or carry out maintenance checks. This will avoid us having to place an extra charge for re fuelling your vehicle.
All customers are to note that ARM will always advise in advance on any additional works that may need to be carried out on their vehicle before it leaves the premises. Once the vehicle has left the premises any fault or damage to the vehicle is the owner’s responsibility.


We will arrange for you to collect your vehicle from our premises at Wheal Busy once the works have been completed.
We will issue you with an invoice once the work has been carried out.
We firmly state that no vehicle is to leave the premises without payment from the customer.
At the time of enquiry quotations are provided verbally to the customer. Quotations may vary depending on the works carried out and subject to the condition of the vehicle. This will be advised to the customer prior to any further work being carried out on the vehicle.


There may be a storage charge added to the invoice if a vehicle hasn’t been collected once the worked has been completed. ARM will advise the customer in advance regarding any additional storage charge.