The Challenges
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UPDATE:  The 1 Series is looking the part, sporting its sharp new livery!  Engine and gearbox have been fitted as well as a few more exterior parts.  Development is currently underway on custom exhaust work to maximise power.  Stay tuned for the final touches in the coming weeks.


This BMW E81 1 Series V8 by ARM Motorsport is going to be one serious car.  Work commenced on this build in October 2020.  Taking the shell back to bare metal and shaving as much weight was no easy task.  Whilst carrying out this process, extra attention was paid to tubbing the arches for maximum clearance and stitch welding the entire shell for additional strength.  We finalised the shell preparation by arranging for it to be blasted.

With the shell back from blasting, work began on the aerodynamics and paintwork.  We opted for a Nardo Grey interior and Brilliant White exterior.  With the paintwork complete, we began on the task of assembling the car.  During this time, we spent some considerable time on developing a bespoke rear subframe with a tubular design; aimed at lowering the roll centre of the car.  Work also commenced on building the 4.0 S65 V8 engine, with an emphasis on reliability and improved power delivery.

In it’s current form, the car is practically assembled; with all the panels in place, interior 90% fitted and chassis components all but complete.  We are currently working on a fresh new livery for this season as we finalise work on the engine and a few exterior items before mapping and testing.

Stay tuned for further updates in the very near future.

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