Mapfreaks Custom Tuning


Not everyone has the luxury of a purpose built track car. That’s where we come in. Mapfreaks Custom Tuning is our road car tuning division. Our time spent in research and development of our Motorsports vehicles allows us to adapt and apply those Motorsport technologies into road going vehicles.

With track days becoming ever more popular, Mapfreaks Custom Tuning is the place to come if you want real professional Motorsport expertise instilled into your road car.

ARM are distributors of some of the best manufacturers of high quality performance upgrades in the world.

Get in touch today and see how we can increase the performance of your vehicle.


Mapfreaks Custom Tuning are specialists in the tuning of automotive engine management systems; improving the power, torque and economy of your engine.

Increased performance is achieved by expertly adjusting fuelling, ignition, boost, etc. to enable the engine to perform to it’s full potential. We can tune safely to your car’s stock hardware or beyond those limits with the aid of hardware upgrades.

Along with tuning the engine to it’s full potential, our remaps ensure they operate efficiently. Our remaps are designed to optimise efficiency but not at the expense of reliability or performance.

We work with some of the finest and most experienced tuning companies in Europe who are on hand to help us provide you with the best quality service and support available.

Our software can be installed in house or using our mobile service (where available). All in house remaps come with a before and after printout from our rolling road.


XHP Flashtool are the leading developers for tuning BMW automatic transmissions. We are delighted to offer Stage 1, 2 and 3 mapping on many 6 speed and 8 speed variants.

The XHP software dramatically improves the speed and sharpness of the gear changes, providing the driver with an instant gear change with minimal lag.


ARM has a fantastic relationship with many of the top performance part manufacturers in the world. Having used their parts on our Motorsport vehicles; we know exactly what these suppliers can offer and how to best adapt setups for fast road use.

Feel free to get in touch with any part enquiries.